Deface the Space Witch Contest: September 2010

The object of the Deface the Space Witch Contest was, basically, to take my work and mess with it until it became something else. Maisy Marrs (of Fish Girl Art) and Ria Byss were the winners. I loved their entries, and so did my panel of judges. One thing I loved is that each took a completely different approach, but that Maisy's bizarro irreverence and Ria's wryly poetic spirituality were both equally appropriate. In other words, they both really "got it", through their own unique perspectives.

The prize for each was a free piece of art from my catalogue. Here are the winning entries:

Works by Maisy Marrs "via Paint shop Pro-crastination"
(Click the previews to see the full images)

"Bethy Receives Transmission PENIS!"

"I'm in the Network (Abe Vigoda remix)"

"Winged Creature Nuclear Eyebrow"

Written works by Rya Byss
Written to "Purple Girl with Projection"

When dreams and nightmares have alike rotted and passed away, when the color has leached from the sky and light from all our eyes, wait for me.

When Sun has moved into a hollow in the Moon, casting no light and galaxies appear in the otherwise lightless sky, wait for me.

Burn no fires. Fire will not light any more nor wind blow or waters move. I will wait for you.

A song will swell out of the earth, a vortex of voices, a chorus without a choir, both joyous and without hope, both melancholy and without regrets, that tells of the end and tells the end has come. The song will not reveal the final secret.

I will wait for you and speak not words but things that themselves live. Light will bloom upon my brow. The end will not come in one single moment which passes. It will come in a sustained moment forevermore, under the Sun-Moon, under the blackness of the galaxies.

At nightfall it begins. Twilight will never come.

Written to "Spine One"

I speak snakes.

I do not mean to, but I speak snakes.

This latest one, a slithering rascal, obsidian black, six sigils down his back, eyes pale yellow. When he emerged out of me I bled through my mouth, purple flame blossomed between my eyes now all bloodshot.

I have gone to priests, I have gone to lamas and prayed at the lips of volcanoes and beat my breasts. The snakes claim my peace and cause me to war with my neighbors and sleepwalk barefoot through the snow in midwinter. They make my social life impossible.

On the upside, however, the snakes made me Sorcerer Queen. Hail the Sorcerer Queen!

But I've had it up to here with those motherfuckin' snakes. On the physical plane.